Women Adventurers’ Club – Denmark, founded in 1954

We have an insatiable curiosity about the world and seek out adventures far off the beaten track. We travel as much as possible, and happily share our experiences and adventures”.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Susan Sontag

‘Danish Women Adventurers’ was founded on December 12, 1954 by a group of 29 adventurous women, who among others include an Olympian fencer, Denmark’s first female airplane- and glider certificate holder, a long-distance swimmer, the first woman to own an airplane, and a Greenlandic midwife (“The Queen of Thule”).

Some of us are racecar drivers, mountaineers, motorcyclists, deep-water divers, and big game hunters. Others fight for nature and animals; our doctors save lives around the globe; our journalists report from the world’s hotspots -both from war and from peace; and from the oceans -both above and below the surface. Not to mention our scientists (“Professors of star dust”), geologists, biologists, anthropologists, and of course the writers, musicians, film photographers, nature photographers, event makers, poets, designers, and other artistic souls.

We are passionate about women’s struggle around the world for equality, for decent living, for children, nature, animals, seas, and the environment of many countries. We constantly start new projects, give lectures, communicate, tell stories, and express opinions. The ideas and themes are many, and important.

In 2009, our club changed its name to the ‘Women’s Adventure Club,’ and on this occasion, we changed our logo. The club marked its 60th anniversary in 2014. Lise Ladegaard designed the club’s logo, which is inspired by the members’ pearl necklaces.

Members of the Board are Anja Cetti Andersen (Chairman), Susan Moser (Treasurer), Mette Forum Petersen, Lise Ladegaard, Line Friis Frederiksen, Naja, Mikkelsen og Helle Løvevild Golman (Alternate).

In the mountains, in snow, and desert sand. In the wild waters of the Pacific. Treasures of the adventure are hidden. Finding them is not easy.

– Nina Tin Rasmussen

Our members

The ‘Women’s Adventure Club’ has the same purpose today as when it was founded in 1954; “In comradeship and under sociable forms, to gather Danish women who have had adventurous experiences, mainly in foreign land, for discoveries and entertainment”. Membership is by invitation only.

Today, the club has 62 members who meet once a month in the club quarters in Nyhavn. We help each other bring the adventure to life. We are a very mixed community of women with completely different backgrounds, age, ideals, dreams, and passions. Our common denominator is that we are constantly exploring, planning, and developing ourselves.

We are curious and not afraid of taking new paths. Adventure is a state of mind; for us it is a condition of life to be constantly on one journey or another, either physically or mentally.

The club members range widely in age, education, and background. However, we have in common that we are curious about the world and seek out experiences off the beaten tracks. We travel as much as possible and gladly share our knowledge and adventure.

Members’ information is available in Danish only.

Our books

The ‘Women’s Adventure Club’ has published two anthologies (Gyldendal) with exciting adventures from all over the world; “Women on Adventure,” which can be borrowed from the Danish libraries, and “Far Out In the World,” which can be purchased as an E-book.